Why People Will Buy SalesBURST!!

Let's review the anxiety creating trends which will convince people to buy this book to make more money:

  • Fewer manufacturing jobs
  • Limited retirement pensions
  • Huge budget deficits which precede increased taxation
  • A health care crisis
  • Real estate stagnation


Manufacturing Jobs: The U.S. is losing manufacturing jobs to India and China. People must have jobs. People will begin sales careers or work in sales part time to compensate.

Pension Plans: Chronic under funding of public employee pension programs will force the U.S. government to divert billions of tax dollars to enable our pension systems to become fiscally viable. For example in 2006 Illinois will incur $0.9 billion in projected pension contributions which will increase each year until in 2045 the state will have to cough up a terrifying $15.6 billion.

Federal Budget Deficits: The record federal budget deficit is estimated to exceed $600 billion for fiscal year 2006. Downright scary!

Health Care Crisis: Medicaid and Medicare funding is being cut. Medical costs are going through the roof. Corporations are bailing on the idea of company sponsored health plans which suppress an individual's costs.

Real Estate:  The five year run-up in refinancing and real estate values has subsided. Can property taxes remain capped or will they increase exponentially? Please read the preceding paragraphs for that answer. Young 20, 30 and 40-something singles and couples will be hit with unprecedented tax increases. Property is great to own since it represents an asset which appreciates but it will stop appreciating if not enough buyers enter the market and cause an inverted seller/buyer situation.

Bottom line: People will have to find new streams of revenue to survive. My methods are proven. I lived it and I can explain it in an intelligent, passionate and energetic fashion.

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