Entrepreneurs, sales managers and sales reps.

WANT to sell more NOW?
WANT to motivate yourself or your reps?
WANT an extra sales mgr to help you?

Call now and talk to me FREE. Test me with a deal you're having a problem with.

I'll tell you exactly what action to take.

- You and I will role-play the action prescribed.

- You will take action and close the deal.

My advice is FREE. You call me and I'll spend 10 minutes on the phone with you. I've always been a top sales closer and in 10 minutes you will get a fresh idea at no cost.


RULES (really simple):

- You set an appointment by email. Simply leave your name, phone # and email address. I'll email you within 48 hours and set an appointment. You will then call me at the specified time and we can discuss a specific deal, your motivation, how to beat a competitor, etc.

- Please copy and paste the SALES TEMPLATE (click to download word doc), populate the fields and either email it to me at patevans@evansales.com or have it filled out and ready to discuss when you call.

Please tell your friends and associates about me once I have helped you.

Can I help you in 10 minutes? Yes. Some years ago I started with a few sales reps who sold Minolta copiers and endedup with thousands calling me for closing advice.

What's in it for me?
Please read the "Hi, I'm Pat Evans" section so you know why I will do a great job for you.


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